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Steel Framework

Based on steel requirements and manufacturing techniques for individual product lines, Norseman Structures uses two different galvanizing processes; In-Line and Hot-Dipped.

In-Line Galvanizing

Heavy-duty, in-line galvanized steel is triple coated, starting with a thick layer of protective molten zinc. A conversion coating bath provides another layer of corrosion protection, followed by a clear organic coating to seal the steel surface and provide a smooth finish.

The interior of the steel tube is then painted with zinc enriched paint. All welds are cleaned and roughened with an abrasive shot blasting process using cast steel shot and grit abrasives. The cleaned welds are then re-metalized with a process called Zinc Thermal Spray. Zinc metal wire is fed at a controlled rate into a hot flame and atomized zinc metal impinges upon the metal surface and becomes bonded to it. This provides a layer of cathodic protection that has been proven to provide superior corrosion protection to that of the original in-line galvanized coating. Overall, the in-line galvanizing process provides a finished product with exceptional mechanical and corrosion resistant properties.

Hot-Dipped Galvanizing

Norseman Structures’ hot-dipped galvanized steel components are manufactured from black steel, fabricated into building trusses. The trusses are dipped in a series of acid baths to remove flux, dirt, oils and foreign materials before being dipped into hot molten zinc, coating the product inside and outside of the tubing. This galvanizing process creates a product highly resistant to corrosion and virtually maintenance free.


The main steel framework carries an up to 25 year pro rata warranty.