Environmental Sustainability

Norseman Structures recognizes the importance of contributing to the global effort to sustain our planet. We are proud to manufacture and construct a product that is environmentally-friendly on a number of levels. From optimizing energy efficiency, to our recycling program, we are mindful of our environmental footprint and how we can work to reduce our impact as an organization.


Energy Efficiency

The translucent high performance fabric cover on our buildings lets in an abundance of natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting, therefore reducing energy and electricity consumption. The cover is a thermal insulator - fabric buildings are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, reducing or eliminating the need for temperature control.


Quick Installation

The installation of a Norseman Structures fabric building is often completed in 1-2 weeks meaning lower energy costs and fuel emissions from a construction crew. Many of our fabric buildings can be placed directly on the ground or shallow foundations which could result in savings on foundation costs and minimize environmental impact. Waste from the construction process is minimal and cleanup is quick.



Norseman Structures buildings can be quickly disassembled and re-located in certain instances, reducing environmental impact. A single building can be used in multiple locations while only using the energy and materials to manufacture a building once.


LEED Certification

The design and components used in our buildings support some of the requirements of the LEED point systems. For more details, talk to your Building Consultant.


Recyclable Materials

On average, our steel supplier's tubular products contain approximately 65% recycled steel and are recyclable themselves. Our fabric supplier has an environmental stewardship program where they focus on reducing waste and any harmful effects on the environment caused by its manufacturing process. No toxic chemicals are used when manufacturing the fabric cover product and any unprocessed material is sent to a recycling facility to reduce waste. We also support 'green' suppliers who offer products made from sustainable resources and use sustainable practices.


Company Practices

Beyond our manufacturing, Norseman Structures is implementing initiatives to spread environmental practices throughout our entire organization. We have begun installing energy efficient lighting fixtures and bulbs reducing energy consumption by up to 55%. Curtains have been installed in many of our shipping docks to limit heat release during winter months.


Manufacturing Facility - Energy Efficiency

Norseman Structures' manufacturing facility, contributes to environmental sustainability by ensuring equipment is performing at optimal levels, saving energy and reducing waste. The energy efficient aspects of our buildings allow us to use less energy and electricity than manufacturers in similar industries.


Reduced Waste

Our manufacturing plant goes to great lengths to ensure its waste output is minimized. All scrap steel and fabric products are recycled waste and are disposed of safely.