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Frequently Asked Questions

The Company
How long has Norseman been in business?

Norseman Structures is a strong, reliable company and a subsidiary of Norseman Group, which has been in the fabric structure business since 1921 when it started as a manufacturer of outfitter and exploration tents.

Norseman Group is the parent company of a group of companies including Norseman Structures, Norseman and Campers Village.

How is Norseman Structures different?

Engineering - Norseman Structures follows traditional engineering methods using the combination of snow and wind loads as required by current building code. It is our belief that this may not currently be the practice of all competitive building manufacturers. We employ senior structural engineering and design staff who are responsible for the development and design of the various building series. The designs are further reviewed by third party engineers and if required, revisions are incorporated for applications in US and International markets.

Largest Manufacturing Capacity - With over 200,000 sq ft 18,580 sq meters of quality controlled manufacturing facilities, we have the capacity to deliver products on time and on budget.

Custom Design - We have a full line of standard building products but also the ability to provide custom design building solutions no matter what your unique needs are.

Sales Network - Our worldwide network of dealers and corporate sales representatives have vast knowledge and experience in the steel-framed, fabric covered building industry.

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How do I become a Dealer?

We are currently looking for partners to help meet the demand for our buildings. Dealer territories are available in select areas for organizations with proven track records in construction and a history of success in business.

What are Norseman Structures buildings made of?

Our buildings are constructed using either a heavy duty galvanized or hot dipped structural steel framework with a high performance, durable polyethylene cover. PVC is available on request. Read more.

Engineering & Design
Are Norseman Structures buildings engineered?

Norseman's Commercial Product Line of buildings meet the same building codes as pre-engineered steel structures and is designed in accordance with structural requirements of the International Building Code (IBC) and the National Building Code of Canada (NBC) including CSA A660-10 and CSA S367. Buildings are fully stamped for all jurisdictions. 

Our Utility Product Line of buildings are designed for low human occupancy and have not been designed to meet specific local building or safety codes.

See all building lines.

Are Norseman Structures buildings able to withstand specific snow & wind loads?

Norseman Structures designs use a combination of snow and wind loads, as required by current building standards. It is our belief that this may not be the practice of all competitive building manufacturers. All design elements are researched, developed and rigorously tested to ensure they meet the stringent requirements necessary to maintain the quality and structural integrity of every building.

Do Norseman Structures buildings comply with local building codes?

Yes. Norseman Structures' Commercial Product Line follows standard engineering models and uses the combination of snow and wind loads as required by current building standards. It is our belief that this may not currently be the practice of all competitive building manufacturers. We employ senior structural engineering and design staff who are responsible for the development and design of the various building series. The designs are further reviewed by third party engineers and if required, revisions are incorporated for applications in US and International markets.

Norseman Structures Commercial Product Line of building designs meet the same building codes as pre-engineered steel structures.

Construction & Installation
Do I need a building permit to construct a Norseman Structures building?

Norseman Structures follows the same permitting guidelines as other building manufacturers. Check with your local code authorities for regulations that apply in your area. For assistance with obtaining a permit, contact your Norseman Structures Building Consultant.

Can I install my building myself?

It depends on the size of the project. Some of the smaller buildings can easily be customer installed and every Norseman building comes with a detailed installation manual. Contact us to get a manual for your building.

We've also produced installation videos for two of the Utility line buildings - the QP and QG-Series.

Go to the QP-Series page to watch the installation video. (scroll to the middle of the page)

Go to the QG-Series page to watch the installation video. (scroll to the middle of the page)

What foundation preparations are needed prior to installation?

Foundation preparations will depend on your building model, size and application. A Building Consultant is equipped with the information to help you arrange the appropriate foundation suitable for your Norseman Structures building.

Can I move my building?

Yes. Not only can a Norseman building be quickly installed, they can also be quickly disassembled and re-located in most instances.

Fabric Covered Building Technology
How strong are the fabric covers?

Norseman Structures prides itself on exceptional quality control on our fabric covers by performing continuous fabric strength testing and employing only certified cover manufacturing equipment operators. The results are the most durable fabric covered buildings in the industry.

How strong is the fabric that Norseman Structures uses on its buildings? Watch this video demonstration.

How are fabric covered buildings different than conventional/traditional buildings like steel or wood?

Faster Installation - Fabric covered buildings typically require less lead and installation time than conventional construction getting your project up and running faster. 

Clear-span design - No interior columns or posts interfere in your working area. 

Brighter - Norseman Structures' fabric buildings have translucent covers that provide a bright, pleasant and evenly lit environment and do not require artificial light during daylight hours. Compare this to a steel or wood building which could cost thousands of dollars each year in additional lighting costs. 

Cooler - The non-conductive properties of our covers provide a barrier between the heat of the suns rays outside the building and the air inside the building. The exterior heat is not radiated through the cover to the interior like a metal building.

More economical to operate - With highly reflective covers and liner options, Norseman Structures buildings require fewer lights resulting in reduced utility costs and initial lighting costs. Building designs can incorporate options to allow natural ventilation thereby reducing forced airflow systems, noise, regular maintenance and costs. Covers are virtually maintenance free and do not trap dust and dirt nor do they require painting or shingling. 

More air volume - With the lower profile and higher heat transfer properties of their metal roofs, steel or wood buildings trap more heat during summer months making them unbearably hot and stuffy. Norseman Structures buildings have a high pitched ceiling allowing hot air to rise into the peak, keeping the ground surface cooler.

More corrosion resistant - Covers do not contain any metallic components and will not rust from exposure to water and air. The steel frame is galvanized for long life in the harshest environments. 

Quieter - Norseman Structures' fabric covers dampen sound waves instead of reflecting and creating echo effects. The result is a "hushed" atmosphere which allows for crisp, clear sound travel.

Relocatable - Norseman Structure buildings are designed to be permanent but can be relocated if your business needs change.

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How are Norseman Structures buildings different than other fabric covered buildings?

Norseman Structures Commercial line of buildings are fully "engineered" systems beyond just the main steel components. Requirements for fully engineered systems have been recently introduced by regulatory agencies. Any company that hasn't completed a recent review of their designs is not likely meeting current standards.

Norseman Structures Commercial line of buildings are designed to meet all building codes and have taken into consideration upcoming requirements. We contract with multiple, external engineering firms to ensure unbiased assessments. Many of our competitors use internal engineers to approve their own designs. We ensure the implementation, maintenance and ongoing improvement of performance to established quality standards. This sets us apart from our competitors.

What are Norseman Structures buildings used for?

Our durable buildings are designed for hundreds of different applications. Norseman Structures buildings have been used for everything from equipment storage to event facilities; from sports practice facilities to warehousing facilities. To see more applications, browse the industries section of our site or contact your local Building Consultant.

Can I get a replacement cover for my building?

Yes! We can provide you with a new cover that will make your building look like new again. Recovering your building is also a very cost-effective way to extend the life of your fabric covered building.

We can supply covers for most fabric covered buildings, even if it’s not a Norseman Structures building! Our large capacity fabric cover facility ensures a fast turnaround on your new cover. Learn more.

Ordering a Building
What does a Norseman Structures building cost?

The price of a Norseman Structures building is comparable or less than that of traditional or conventional buildings. The price of the buildings are dependent on many factors such as: width, length, location, application, accessories, options, doors, foundation & region. Your Building Consultant will be able to help determine the specific cost of your fabric building project.

Are there leasing & rental options available?

Yes, leasing and rental options are available. A Building Consultant would be happy to review your options with you.

Where can I purchase a Norseman Structures building?

You can purchase a Norseman Structures building through your local Dealer or a Sales Professional within our world-wide sales network. Contact us for a Building Consultant in your area.

What size of building do I need?

Our buildings are available in a wide range of widths and can be designed to any length you need. A Building Consultant will work closely with you to determine the square footage/size of building that your business will require.

What certifications does Norseman Structures have?

Norseman Structures is dedicated to only manufacturing buildings of the highest quality to provide customers confidence in the strength and reliability of its products and integrity of the company. Click here to see certifications. These certifications ensure the implementation, maintenance and ongoing improvement of performance to established quality standards. 

In addition, on-site safety is important to Norseman Structures. Our construction crews have a range of certificates and training. Click here to learn more.

Are Norseman Structures buildings LEED certified?

Norseman Structures buildings can contribute toward a building project's Leadership in  Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. The design and components used in our buildings support some of the requirements of the LEED point systems. Please contact us regarding how our buildings may earn you points toward your LEED certification.

Warranty & Maintenance
What is the warranty on the cover?

Standard & FR (fire retardant) covers carry up to a  20 & 15 year pro rated warranty respectively. Warranty details are available from your Building Consultant and can be found in each Norseman Structures Building Owner's Warranty and Maintenance Package shipped with your building.

Need a replacement cover? Click here for more info.

What is the warranty on the main steel framework?

The main steel framework carries up to 25 year pro rated warranty.

What kind of maintenance will my building need?

Norseman Structures buildings are easy to maintain and require very little maintenance. Seasonally, check and tension fabric components and belting. If your cover becomes dirty, simply wash dirt away. A maintenance schedule is supplied with every Norseman Structures building.

If you have questions about your building maintenance, please contact us.

How do I register my building for warranty?

Registering your building for warranty is easy. Simply go to warranty.norsemanstructures.com and follow the instruction provided.

If you run into any problems, please call our Customer Service team at 855.385.2782 or drop us an email.

What cover color options are available?

Building covers are available in a variety of colors:

Standard High Performance Covers - Blue, Light Green, Red, Sandstone, White, Silver, Dark Green

FR Covers (Fire Retardant) - Blue, Green, White, Grey, Brown, Sandstone

If you would like us to send you a swatch book of all the fabric colors, please contact us.

Is it possible to customize my building?

Yes. We have a full line of standard products but if your building requirements are unique, we have the ability to completely custom design and manufacture a structure to meet those unique needs.

What building sizes are available?

Standard buildings are available in a variety of widths up to 200' (60.9m) and can be built to any length. Need a wider building? We will custom design buildings to meet unique customer needs.