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Haul Truck Maintenance Shop for Dominion Diamond

Haul Truck Maintenance Shop for Dominion Diamond

Posted: 4/10/2017

Remote and rugged environments can take its toll on equipment. It can also take its toll on organizations who rely on suppliers to manage their operational risks. One of those organizations, Dominion Diamond, approached Norseman Structures looking for a building solutions company to take on a project that would help better manage their equipment assets with a haul truck maintenance shop. At the same time, they needed to rely on a solution provider to deliver in a given window of time, so that the risk to their operational downtime would be well managed.

Located 300 kilometers north of Yellowknife, NT, Dominion Diamond needed their project planned, designed, and manufactured in time to use ice roads for shipping buildings to their mine site. This specific window of time was crucial to meet. Losing this opportunity would have meant a negative financial impact to the mine’s operations. Not only did the buildings need to be delivered with precise timing, construction management was then coordinated to provide an optimal window for full mechanical, electrical, and portable flooring installation in the months following.

“Our entire team, from project management to construction, is very excited to start construction of this high-quality, versatile maintenance shop. Dominion Diamond’s building has been engineered to be permanent but if needed, it can be relocated to another location for future expansion,” said Building Advisor, David Kelso.

At the most basic level, the building will protect the mine site mechanics from the harsh weather environment while they perform maintenance on the mine’s haul trucks. After detailed discussions with project managers at Dominion Diamond, it was determined that the best solution would be a building 90’ wide by 160’ long. It’s been designed with 38’ high straight side-walls and 55’ clearance at the peak. The building design has also incorporated two 40’ wide by 27’ high high-speed rubber doors for safe, quick entry and exit from the maintenance shop reducing warm or cool air loss from within the building.

This configuration will allow mechanics to fully raise truck boxes for service, easily maneuver equipment within the building plus, maximize the amount of usable work space. There will be zero wasted space within this structure, reflective of the type of operational efficiencies that the company is looking for in the overall Ekati Diamond Mine project.

About Dominion Diamond – Ekati Diamond Mine

The Ekati Diamond Mine (named after the Tlicho word meaning ‘fat lake’) is Canada’s first surface and underground diamond mine.  It officially began production in October 1998, following extensive exploration and development work dating back to 1981.  Like Diavik, the Ekati mine site is located in the Lac de Gras region of the Northwest Territories, approximately 300 kilometers northeast of Yellowknife.

The Ekati mine is renowned for the premium gem quality diamonds it produces.  The largest gem quality diamond produced to date at the mine is a 186 carat diamond from the Pigeon pit, which was recovered and sold in 2016.  Cumulative production to January 2016 has totaled approximately 63 million carats.