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We instill customer Confidence

In the words of our CEO, Ron Bryant, we are “doing things the right way”. By focusing on a Commercial building design that meets the same building codes as steel buildings and will stand up to a structural review by any third party engineer, we are delivering on that promise. Manufacturing, safety, and industry certifications are a key component to making sure we provide our customers with confidence in our products and our service. We want our customers to feel confident they have made the RIGHT decision on their building purchase.

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Engineering and Design Excellence - Our Commercial buildings meet the same building codes as steel buildings.

It is important to know that Norseman Structures Commercial line of buildings meet the same building codes as steel buildings. In fact, all components, from screws to cables to trusses, are engineered for structural integrity and are fully stamped for all jurisdictions. 

The Commercial Product line is designed in accordance with structural requirements of the International Building Code (IBC) and the National Building Code of Canada (NBC). The NBC incorporates CSA A660-10 and CSA S367 which includes the stringent requirement to engineer buildings to withstand combined snow and wind loads. In addition, many insurance companies will not offer insurance for buildings that do not meet requirements of building codes.

Strong and Durable Components - We test the strength of our materials.

Steel Framework - Heavy gauge steel is used for the building frame and all the steel that we use in the design of our buildings meet standard steel specifications for whichever country we are designing for. For instance, if it's in Canada it's CSA, G40.21 steel which is the same steel that would be used to build a hospital or bridge. Read more.

The Commercial line of buildings produced by Norseman Structures are designed by our professional in-house engineering team and reviewed by external third party engineers that are familiar with steel framed, fabric covered building design. 

Not only do Norseman’s designs meet all requirements on paper, they are also tested using ‘real life’ scenarios.  We regularly tests entire truss sections in order to verify their strength using actual loads. This ensures every product will meet all requirements for your site.  

Fabric Covers - The covers used on Norseman Structures buildings are manufactured from 12 oz/yd²406.9g/m², 23mil0.59mm thick polyethylene fabric with 4.0 mil0.1 mm coatings front and back. We maintain exceptional quality control on our fabric covers by performing continuous fabric strength testing (Instron Testing) and employing only certified equipment operators. The results are the most durable fabric covered buildings in the industry. Read more.

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In fact, the fabric we use for our covers is so strong it can hold a 6200lb2812.3 Kg truck! Watch this video to witness the strength of our fabric covers. Watch the video

Certifications - Our people are trained and certified.

Manufacturing Certifications - Norseman Structures is proud to have achieved the CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau), AWS (American Welding Society) and CSA A660 (Steel Building System Manufacturer) certifications which includes the fabric design/test requirements of S367. These certifications ensure the implementation, maintenance and ongoing improvement of performance to established quality standards in our fabric building manufacturing plants. Read more. 

Safety Certifications - We provide continuous safety training and certifications for manufacturing employees and on-site construction crews. Fully trained, experienced construction crews and tech reps are on construction sites to ensure safe, efficient fabric building projects. Read more.

Safety is very important to us and we’d be happy to tell you more about our Safe Work Practises (SWP) program and our Health and Safety Management System (HSMS). 

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