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We pay attention to Detail

We focus on accuracy in our manufacturing processes, implementing raw material traceability procedures, and staying in close contact with our customers to get it right the first time. We also ensure that we customize the project to suit your needs and incorporate all the features you are looking for in a building, and when requested, we will provide a comprehensive and detailed proposal.

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Superior Manufacturing Processes - Our expertise shows in our manufacturing.

Steel Framework - Superior steel manufacturing methods include precise, laser cut components and advanced welding techniques to ensure a high quality framework. We use a 3D Tube Laser cutting machine that excels at safely and efficiently fabricating steel for our building framework with extremely precise cutting. This allows us to safely produce high quality products that meet our design and engineering group requirements. Read more.

Fabric Covers - We maintain exceptional quality control on our fabric covers by performing continuous fabric strength testing (Instron Testing) and employing only certified equipment operators. The results are the most durable fabric covered buildings in the industry. Read more.


Traceability - We know where it comes from, we know where it goes.

Building component traceability is a requirement for A660 certification.  We can track our building components from the supplier to the end product - we know where our steel comes from, the date it was made and the tests that were done on it. 

"They try to help with everything that you need and they are up to date on all of their knowledge of the area… and this area especially because there are a lot of buildings that go up here. All the oil sands business, they are on top of what needs to be offered and what people need."

Maintenance Programs - All great buildings need maintenance to keep them great.

Maintenance is important and we are sure to offer support and programs to ensure your building has a long service life. Ask one of our Building Consultants about a maintenance program that would work best for your building project.

Quoting - We understand your building project from the beginning.

We make sure to take time at the quoting stage to fully understand what it is that our customers need to ensure they get the right building for their business. When requested, we develop a comprehensive quotation package that gives customers the full picture about what we can offer, including pricing and timelines. 

Customer quotes have been provided by an independent marketing research firm.