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We have the Capability and Expertise

With over 200,000 square feet 18,580 square meters of quality controlled manufacturing space, a team of over 150 people and hundreds of years of combined experience in the fabric building industry, we can provide quick delivery, extensive product choices and industry expertise to ensure we meet the needs of your unique project. We also work with a number of partners that we ensure meet strict business requirements.

"That is what I like about dealing with Norseman - you were never left hanging and you were never kept waiting several days. It was very efficient service and we try and replicate that in our company. To be able to work with a company that has a similar work ethic makes it more enjoyable and more efficient."

Production Capacity - We supply them as fast as you need them.

To meet demanding timelines, we are proud to have a massive manufacturing space, skilled labour force and 20 acres of raw and finished inventory.

Add in the fact that fabric buildings are significantly faster to build than conventional construction such as steel or wood with limited foundation or ground prep required, and you have quick turn-around times from purchase to installation.

Capability Infographic

History - We've been around.

Norseman Structures is a strong, reliable company and a subsidiary of Norseman Group, which has been in the fabric structure business since 1921 when it started as a manufacturer of outfitter and exploration tents.

Since the 1960's Norseman has been manufacturing and selling building enclosure systems and is a major supplier of fabric buildings and drilling rig enclosures systems to exploration and commercial markets.

Norseman Group is the parent company of a group of companies including Norseman Structures, Norseman and Campers Village.

Expertise - We have a lot.

Our people know the industry inside and out and really know their way around a fabric covered building.

Key personnel in our engineering, manufacturing, project management and construction areas average 15 years of experience in the fabric building technology. For example, our senior engineer has 33 years experience as a consulting structural engineer and has been involved in the design of fabric covered steel framed buildings since 2004. Each of these experts have a team of equally experienced people working with them. In fact, we have over 150 people with a combined total of 750 years of experience! That’s a lot of experience and knowledge you can put your trust in.

We realize that a fabric building purchase can be a difficult, complicated process. To help you make an informed decision, our team of experts has written a white paper to identify the “Critical Design Factors” when researching a fabric covered building.

Click here to download White Paper.

Vendor/Contractor Pre-qualification Program - We only deal with the best.

All material and labour sourced externally by Norseman Structures is required to complete a pre-qualification. This pre-qualification will allow for risk management checks to be completed before moving forward. This is especially important in areas where safety is deemed critical. Only those vendors and contractors with acceptable ratings are permitted to participate as a vendor or contractor.

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