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We’ve got you covered. 

Laying the groundwork

At Norseman, finding the right ShelterSolution for you begins with what’s inside—your people, equipment and operations. We strive to provide peace of mind by safely sheltering the assets that contribute to your success.

Before we design and build your ShelterSolution, we seek to understand your business needs. From your purpose, to your values, priorities and the pressures you face, our team works with you to deliver an exceptional, reliable solution tailored to your unique situation. Simply put, your needs remain at the core of everything we do, every step of the way.

Forming strong foundations

When you work with Norseman Structures, you’re buying more than just a building. You’re gaining a ShelterSolution that meets your enterprise needs and provides the best environment and protection for your people and property.  Thoughtful design and engineering, superior craftsmanship, detailed project management, careful documentation and uncompromising safety standards are what makes a Norseman Structure a solution you can count on.

For nearly a century

Norseman Structures has been in the protection and shelter business for almost 100 years, starting with the fabrication of outfitter and exploration tents in the 1920s.

Today we deliver a wide variety of ShelterSolutions to customers in virtually every industry, in a variety of climates, anywhere in the world. Whether you’re looking for a fabric or steel clad building, or a combination of the two, our ShelterSolutions have you covered.


At Norseman Structures we exist to provide peace of mind for our customers by delivering intelligently designed ShelterSolutions that protect and enhance their business. This purpose is backed by our culture of being Fiercely Reliable from the Inside Out.

Our Fiercely Reliable culture is defined by our values. These are the pillars of our culture and they guide our business decisions and behaviors. 

Integrity Matters Integrity Matters | We do the right thing and do what we say we will do – both individually and as an organization.
Think Like a Customer | Driven by our problem-solving curiosity, we think creatively for our external and internal customers by understanding their needs and providing the right solution.
Be Quick but Don't Hurry Be Quick, But Don’t Hurry | We act with urgency and set a timeline for all critical tasks with a pace that is reasonable and safe for the circumstance.
Small Details Are Huge Small Details Are Huge | We are complete in our solutions, going the extra step to address the needs of our customers, and always seeking to improve.
Take Care of Each Other Take Care of Each Other | We support each other by being Fiercely Reliable, doing our part to understand the needs of those we’re working with, and knowing that by working together we can accomplish more.



We are fiercely committed to being a reliable partner, employer and corporate citizen.