Both our fabric covered buildings and metal cladding buildings have a clear-span design allowing you to maximize your workspace. Stack hay, feed livestock, and store equipment without working around columns and building barriers.

Reduce electrical costs with the benefit of natural light filters in a fabric covered building. Light flows through the cover in daytime hours reducing the need for artificial light. Optional liners can also be added to regulate air temperatures resulting in lowered energy costs in heated facilities.

A Norseman ShelterSolution is designed to fit your needs. Select your building profile, frame, cladding, steel coating, foundation, doors, mechanical, accessories, and more. Having options allows you to invest in a structure that is tailored to your operation, making your space more efficient and effective. Design a structure with high clearance for large equipment, conveyance systems for fertilizer, or open space for riding. 

Need a building, but don’t have time to spare? A Norseman structure can be set up within weeks saving you time and money.