Every business has its own requirements and needs. Our ShelterSolutions process allows you to customize your structure to meet your specific needs, including site requirements and logistics.

Our buildings are designed and engineered to meet the same building codes as steel buildings and are fully stamped for all jurisdictions.

A Norseman ShelterSolution is designed to fit your needs, whether you need a pump house, a maintenance facility, or a parts warehouse. Select your building profile, frame, cladding, steel coating, foundation, doors, mechanical, accessories, and more. 

Norseman buildings can be designed and installed as either a permanent or temporary structure. Build your structure to last a lifetime or choose a foundation option that allows you to move your building to a new location for future use. Only need your building for a short time period? Rental and lease options are also available. ShelterSolutions are always designed with your needs in mind.