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Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings - Advantages & Solutions

There is a wide range of factors to consider when determining which type of structure to build for an industrial or a commercial business. Every construction job is unique, and each customer has a distinct set of needs that must be met.

Whether it’s a truck shop for a mine site, a large commercial warehouse, or a self-storage facility, the final product should always be physically sound, durable, functional, and thoughtfully designed.

In addition to these standard objectives, however, the following considerations may also be relevant, depending on the circumstances and concerns of the customer:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Construction time
  • Project cost
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Ability to make future modifications
  • Appearance
  • Weather resiliency

Pre-engineered steel buildings (PEB) address all of these key points, making them the perfect solution for a broad spectrum of businesses.

What is a PEB?

Pre-engineered buildings are structures that are fabricated in a factory by design and then shipped to the construction site at a later date to be assembled and anchored to a foundation. 

Pre-engineered buildings are commonly used for projects in the industrial and commercial sectors such as: mining, oil and gas, retail, construction, recreation, agricultural uses, and many more applications. For examples, visit our Project Gallery.

Sand Storage Facility

What are the Benefits of a Pre-Engineered Building Structure?

There are a number of reasons why business owners choose pre-engineered steel buildings in lieu of wood framing, masonry construction, or other conventional building options. Pre-engineered building systems have many advantages. 

Some of the most common incentives include:

Fabric Building Construction

Expedited Construction Time

One of the greatest advantages of pre-engineered steel buildings is how quickly they can be built in comparison to other frameworks.

In fact, PEBs typically reduce build times by 25 percent.

This is most beneficial for businesses or organizations whose daily operations will be affected if they do not have access to additional space within a given timeframe. Many mine sites require a building within a few months, for example, to ensure operations can continue without downtime during the winter months. 


Many of our new customers are pleasantly surprised when we discuss the price of pre-engineered metal buildings.

But the savings truly are significant. To be precise, a (PEB) pre-engineered building can save you up to 50 percent on construction costs— and that’s not the only way they benefit your budget! Since steel is a highly durable, long-lasting material, it requires less maintenance over time.

Steel Building Welding
Oil and Gas Operation

Weather Resistance

As a Canadian-based company, we know first-hand that commercial structures need to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

This is one of the advantages of pre-engineered buildings we are most proud to promote.

Because our PEB structures are made from heavy-duty, industrial-grade steel frames, they are extremely resistant to the elements. There’s no need for our customers to worry about rotting, mould, termites, and other issues that can arise when natural building materials like wood are used for framing.

We can even protect your steel frames from corrosion by applying a barrier coating that prevents corrosive elements from contacting the steel. This greatly reduces the likelihood of rust and extends the lifespan of your building.


The Anatomy of a PEB

Pre-engineered buildings can be of a standard or custom design depending on the needs of the customer. Norseman Structures implements a ShelterSolution process in all projects to ensure the highest level of quality in both products and services from structural design and manufacturing to construction and after service care. This system helps provide customers with peace of mind that all aspects of their building project are taken care of. 

There are several components that come together to form a PEB structure. 

We’ve highlighted a few of these elements below:

Pre-Engineered Building Block Foundation

Concrete Block Foundation on a Pre-Engineered Structure for Ore Storage


An expertly-laid foundation is a crucial part of any pre-engineered building structure. Even the slightest error could impact the integrity of your base, which can lead to cracks, leaks, uneven floors, and/or stabilization issues.

At Norseman Structures, we assess each building site to determine which of our foundation options is best suited to our customer's needs from pre-cast concrete walls, concrete blocks, piles, a pony wall, shipping containers, and many more. We take into account the square footage of the PEB we will be constructing, along with the topography of the building site and what the structure will be used for.

By conducting a thorough evaluation of your project site and objectives, we are better able to deliver an end product that will meet both your immediate and long-term needs.

FCL Fertilizer Terminal


When covering all of the pre-engineered metal building details, deciding which type of framing to use for your project is one of the most critical deliberations.

The right choice will depend on the size of your building, the corrosive properties of the internal and external environment within your ShelterSolution, how long you want your structure to be in place, among other factors.

Our single tube frame, for example, is ideal for customers who need to store equipment, off-road vehicles, or grain crops. Think of it as a glorified carport tent that is reinforced with a steel frame and a cement foundation. This type of frame will protect your stored goods from rain, snow, sun exposure, wildlife, and other environmental concerns. A web truss frame or a rigid frame are used for larger buildings for commercial or industrial use and can be designed with either a peaked roof or an arch roof.

Bridge Crane


If you’ll be keeping items inside your PEB that are sensitive to temperature, or if people will be working or spending long periods of time inside the structure, you may want to consider insulation.

This is especially important in climates where temperatures vary since fluctuating between cold and hot weather can cause condensation to form inside your unit.

At Norseman Structures, we stock several different insulation products that are designed to keep warmth in during the colder months and keep heat out during the sunny season.

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