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Customizable Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated buildings have been utilized by businesses, organizations, and institutions across a wide range of industries as a convenient, functional, high quality, and affordable building solution.

Traditionally, companies requiring storage have been limited to conventional buildings fabricated with wood or concrete. These approaches came with drawbacks for business owners, including the deterioration of natural building materials, exorbitant labor costs, and the need for ongoing maintenance (which can quickly become pricey).

Prefab structures were a welcomed alternative since they addressed these pressing concerns without compromising on quality, design, or practicality.

Today, prefab buildings are built in just about any sector you can think of.

We’ve included some additional information below about prefabricated buildings and which industries benefit most from utilizing them.

What is a Prefab Building?

A prefab building is any structure that is designed and assembled in a manufacturing facility before its components are shipped to a building site where it will be constructed. Due to the standardization of the design process, prefab buildings are uniquely suited to providing cost-effective shelter and storage for a wide range of end-uses. Their modular design allows for quick construction resulting in cost-efficiencies.

Industrial and commercial business particularly lean toward a prefabricated building instead of a conventional building for many of their projects once they learn the benefits involved. Many of these businesses find these buildings to be more versatile and cost effective making prefabricated buildings their top choice for warehousing, maintenance facilities, etc. 

Truck Shop

Types of Prefabricated Buildings

There are many uses for prefabricated structures.

Below are just a few of the industries we specialize in manufacturing prefabricated buildings for at Norseman Structures:


Businesses that rely on distribution as a core part of their operations often require expansive warehouse storage facilities where they can temporarily store their inventory until it is sold. These are commonly used in the mining, oil and gas, and commercial agriculture industries. Metal prefab buildings and fabric prefab buildings are ideal solutions because they require less time for installation, can be customized to the customer’s unique space requirements, can be moved to another site, and can easily be expanded should the business require additional storage in the future.

Prefabricated Salt Shed

Public Works

Municipalities, cities, and regional districts often require new storage solutions and warehousing for their various departments and branches— including transportation departments, utility and water departments, and waste and recycling services.

Prefab metal buildings are highly suitable in these scenarios since they can provide a clear-span design. This means that these public works buildings can be configured without the use of intrusive support columns that reduce usable square footage— a major advantage for civic institutions that are looking to store large pieces of heavy-duty equipment or vast quantities of natural materials, like gravel or sand.

Sports, Recreation, and Events

From arenas to outdoor hockey rinks, riding arenas to community centres, there are countless recreation facilities and sports complexes that necessitate clear-span space.

Many of these facilities benefit from prefab architecture, due to how convenient and timely it is to construct, and how long-lasting and durable prefabricated structures are compared to other building methods.

Because our ShelterSolutions are made from premium-grade steel, and can be coated with a protective barrier for corrosion protection, they are the most economical and pragmatic building type for event facilities. Our storage solutions require minimal maintenance over the long-term, which allows operators and management of these venues to allocate more money to service delivery and other priorities.


Tennis Facility
Champlain Bridge

Construction & Infrastructure

The construction industry is always on the move due to the nature of the business. It is a line of work where the solutions are rarely cookie-cutter. Every project brings its own unique challenges when it comes to getting the job done.

Because of this, businesses need construction and infrastructure buildings that perfectly fit the custom specifications of whatever project they happen to be working on. At Norseman, we have the experience necessary to create shelters that keep your company on schedule and on-budget.

For a full list of the different customizable prefabricated buildings for sale by Norseman Structures and how they can serve your specific needs, visit our industries page.

Customization Options

At Norseman Structures, we understand that each business we work with has a unique set of challenges, requirements, and operational goals.

That’s why we made it a priority to offer custom prefabricated structures to our valued customers. Our saying is that we are creating your building, not ours.

If you have storage needs that are a little outside the ordinary, we want to hear from you. Even if you think the job is too big to tackle, under most circumstances, we can get it done. Our team is always ready to help from engineering and manufacturing to documentation and financing. Our team includes innovative and highly-qualified engineers with years of experience who will take the time to understand your vision and current conditions. They’ll then take the information they’ve gathered and use it to create a tailor-made, intuitive engineered design that far exceeds your expectations. View our full list of services to see how our ShelterSolution systems are built around your needs.

Norseman Structures has been working with businesses and individuals in need of the world’s best prefab building solutions since the 1920s. Our products have been tested across multiple industries, geographic locations, and in the most demanding of climates.

Ammonium Nitrate Facility

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