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Boat and RV Storage | Terri Braaten

Barrier Lake, SK, Canada
Industry: Personal Storage
Application: Boat Storage
Buildings: 1 - QC-Series - 25' x 35'

Terri Braaten and her husband were looking for a building in which to store their pontoon boat and RV at Barrier Lake, in east-central Saskatchewan.

They did research on fabric-covered buildings, and were impressed with the warranty offered by Norseman Structures as well as the durability of the buildings.

They chose a fabric-covered building over a more traditional structure because they liked how it looked and appreciated that the structure did not have to be permanent. Other factors in their decision were that they did not require power because of the high light transmission of the fabric, there were no foundations costs, and it was a quick install (1 weekend).

One of the features the Braaten’s like about their fabric-covered building is that there is very little maintenance to do. They also like the 2-door option of a man door and the large sliding door.

Terri states, “We are very pleased with the building, the delivery of the product, and the installation.”

The Braaten family is looking forward to this coming boating season in which they will not have to load and unload gear off their boat and then tarp it at the end of each day. They plan to simply back the boat into their Norseman building, lock the door and be done…till the next boating day.


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