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Bulk Fertilizer Storage | Casey Fertilizer

Casey, IL, United States
Industry: Industrial
Application: Fertilizer Storage
Buildings: 1 - T-Series - 60' wide x 320' long

Casey Fertilizer is a retailer of agriculture chemicals and fertilizer in Casey, Illinois. They were familiar with the fabric covered building technology as one of their other fertilizer companies, GreenUp is using a similar building for phosphate storage and it's been working very well for their business over the past few years.

Norseman Structures worked closely with Casey Fertilizer and designed a 60' wide x 320' long  building which is made up of 5 bays. The widths of the bays are: 60', 40', 40', 40' & 140' with four bays used as storage and the middle 40' bay used as a mixing area. All bays are contained under one continuous roof and the structure is built on a 16' high concrete wall.

Installation crews were challenged with poor weather conditions throughout the construction period but were still able to have it erected and fully functional in just over 6 weeks. This building is designed for bulk fertilizer storage and mixing. Fertilizer is unloaded from trucks or rail cars using a conveyor system. Once mixed, fertilizer is loaded into trucks using a front end loader for shipping and transportation.

Casey Fertilizer purchased this type of structure for many reasons including the unobstructed clear span area, the natural light/brightness inside the structure and the clearance height for the conveyor system. "The building feels very large, bright and open. The height of the side wall and peak clearance makes it so much easier to work in and in the future, if we find we need more space, we can add on to the end of the building," says Greg Keller. Casey Fertilizer has also found that their fire insurance is much lower on this type of structure.


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