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Construction Site Shelters | IG Power

Atima, Honduras
Industry: Industrial
Application: Camp Modules
Buildings: 1 - A-Series - 30' wide x 180' long
2 - QL-Series - 32' wide x 40' long
2 - QL-Series - 50' wide x 40' long

IG Power of Penticton, British Columbia, purchased five fabric buildings from Norseman Structures to be used as camp modules for workers while building a hydro dam in Atima, Honduras.

One of the buildings was installed over a mechanic and welding shop; it was open on both ends but it was a great help sheltering the workers from the sun and rain. All five buildings were installed onto sea cans (shipping containers) to provide extra storage on site.

Ron Bertrand of IG Power chose fabric buildings from Norseman Structures because of their unparalleled quality. “They can withstand the heat in South America and save us money on wear and tear,” says Ron.

IG Power also needed the option to relocate the buildings because they only stay on one site for a few years and are then moved to the next worksite. Because of the rainy weather, wood buildings would not last long enough. All of the rain makes the worksite very muddy, so to have the work areas under a Norseman Structures building, keeps the workers dry and boosts moral.

While IG Power was not sure about which building series would work the best for them, Ron felt that the engineering help from Norseman Structures was superb. The installation went smoothly and he was very impressed with the quality and the service.


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