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Dairy Barn | Robert & Jane Flett

Otautau, New Zealand
Industry: Agriculture
Application: Dairy Barn
Buildings: 1 - Custom - 130' wide x 375' long

Robert and Jane Flett are the owners of Nistaben Partnership in Otautau, New Zealand and have constructed a 130’w x 375’l 3 Norseman Structures fabric covered building for use as a dairy barn.

Norseman Structures buildings have a unique environment, which not only provide more light, but also better air quality for improved cow comfort and health. Better herd health, increased milk production, longer milking hours, lower operating costs and less building maintenance equal increased profits.

What was the Flett’s main reason for choosing a fabric structure? “Air volume is paramount for comfortably housing animals today and in the future, therefore fabric is cost effective per cubic meter area of air covered” says Robert. “We are currently housing 7 m²/ cow (400) but as time goes on we hope to lower that to an achievable 6 m²/cow (466).”

When asked if there was anything they have realized with their new Norseman dairy barn, Robert’s reply was “Anything outstanding? Yes, definitely. The atmosphere inside is satisfying. It’s best summed up by a visitor's comment, 'this is so like a paddock with a cover over it'.”

In addition, Robert adds, “We feel that the 'point of difference' with a building design such as this is the ability to mimic as close as possible a paddock situation. We are passionate about this barn and look forward to completing our project with a second barn.”


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