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Fish Hatchery | Open Blue

Industry: Agriculture
Application: Multiple
Buildings: 2 - H-Series - 50' wide x 200' long
1 - H-Series - 50' wide x 140' long
1 - H-Series - 72' wide x 140' long

Open Blue is the world’s leading producer of cobia, a warm water fish that is highly valued for its excellent flavor and texture. Their fish are cultivated in a high-energy off shore environment that ensures environmental sustainability as well as a high quality product for consumers.

Open Blue was in need of facilities for a wide variety of uses.They purchased four fabric buildings which are scheduled to be completed and in use shortly:
- Two 50' w x 200' l for a hatchery for early stages of cobia growth
- One 50' w x 140' l for feed storage (with front rollup door, emergency access door, dual ventilation fans)
- One 72' w x 140' l for workshop & materials storage (with front & rear rollup doors, dual ventilation fans)

When asked why they chose a fabric building from Norseman Structures, they explained, “We chose Norseman for several reasons. First and foremost, due to our location, we needed a complete packaged solution for various applications. We wanted the installation to be as straight forward and fast as possible while still providing us with a well finished, high quality product.”

A few of the key features that attracted Open Blue to a fabric building was the even lighting that the translucent cover provides; efficient ventilation and excellent aesthetics.

We asked Daniel Farkas, Hatchery Manager, to share their views on how they anticipate the building will benefit their business. “Our process of culturing cobia in the hatchery is critical to our business and this building should help facilitate this due to its lighting levels and efficient ventilation. Also, regarding the storage of feed, it is critical to maintain proper temperature, which these buildings also ensure as well.” He continued, “In the case of our feed storage building as well as our hatchery facility, the buildings high ceilings and excellent ventilation provide excellent removal of heat from areas that are carefully regulated regarding temperature. Also, in our hatchery, even lighting is critical for the proper growth of our fish during the early stages. Due to the design and color of the Norseman covers, the lighting in the building meets our needs regarding lux levels for cobia culture.”

There are many advantages to a fabric building versus conventional construction. “I would say that the Norseman Structures fabric buildings are a cost effective, competitive alternative to a conventional building depending on your specific needs. Also, the time of construction is advantageous due to the manner in which the components are delivered, which facilitate rapid assembly, much faster than a traditional building”, says Daniel.


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