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Inventory Warehouse | Cameco

Northern Saskatchewan
Industry: Industrial
Application: Inventory Warehouse
Buildings: 1 - F-Series - 100' wide x 200' long

Norseman Structures is pleased to announce the completion of a 20,000 square foot building in Key Lake, SK. Cameco required a building to store inventory and provide protection from the elements. Already familiar with the fabric building industry and the advantages of the building technology, the customer chose Norseman because of its focus on engineering and design, and the ability to handle the snow and wind loads in this remote location.

A unique feature of this custom F-Series building is the partition wall that separates the building into two equal sections. One side of the partition features an interior liner, the first of its kind for this building model, to keep the inventory warmer and provide a more pleasant working environment.

The other side is unlined and is being used as a shipping and receiving area. Another key feature of the building is the canopies over the doors. Norseman worked with a specialized supplier to provide the canopies, an excellent addition to the structure to provide protection and functionality. 

Clear-span design is very important to the customer as it allows for increased mobility within the building and provides easy access to inventory. Natural light was also high on the list as a key feature when comparing their building to a conventional structure. 

The installation team at Norseman Structures was praised for being very efficient, on time, and knowledgeable about the project and installation requirements.



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