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Maintenance Shop | Mosaic

Saskatchewan, Canada
Industry: Mining
Application: Multiple
Buildings: 1 - T-Series - 40' wide x 70' long
1 - T-Series - 50' wide x 105' long
1 - QC-Series - 18' wide x 20' lon

Mosaic, a producer and marketer of concentrated phosphate and potash, has taken delivery of three Norseman Structures buildings for their Belle Plaine, Colonsay and Esterhazy sites in Saskatchewan, Canada, with construction at all three sites now complete.

The Belle Plaine, SK building is a 40' wide x 70' long T-Series structure used for periodic maintenance on their dredge machine. The building was mounted on a heavy steel 1' wide, 3' high I-Beam foundation. This mounting method was developed so the building could be moved (skidded) from one dredge pond to another.

The Colonsay, SK site is using a 50' wide x 105' long T-Series building. A radiant heating system was installed with a fire rated fabric liner for insulation purposes. Because there may be a need for future re-location of this building, it was constructed on a concrete block foundation. This building will be used for equipment maintenance and a workshop.

The third building was constructed at Mosaic's Esterhazy, SK site. It is 18' wide x 20' long and is being used to shelter their on-site ambulance.

Mosaic purchased this fabric building technology because of price, the buildings ability to be re-located, its' zero environmental footprint and the fact they require very little maintenance.



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