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Pump Station Cover | Enbridge

Industry: Industrial
Application: Pump Station Covers
Buildings: 19 - F-Series - 62' wide x 136' long

Enbridge has contracted with Norseman Structures for multiple building projects across Canada. To date, Norseman construction teams have completed 24 buildings with 19 more scheduled for construction in the near future. 

These structures are used to cover pump stations and have been designed to accommodate a 15 tonne bridge crane (attached to the wide flange columns of the building) used for maintenance of the pumps. The customer was originally considering the use of a gantry crane in the buildings but by incorporating the bridge crane into the design of the structure, the customer realized a savings in the foundation costs as well as improved safety over the gantry crane.

Some other unique features include: 

• The construction of the buildings is unique in that they are erected from the outside, over top of the pumps. 
• They are designed and engineered with 33’ high side walls using wide-flange columns for legs.
• A combination of passive and powered ventilation is being used to exhaust the heat generated by the pumps inside the buildings. Passive ventilation includes: six roof top ridge vents (each ridge vent is 6’ wide x 12.5’ long) as well as multiple large side wall louvers. The engineered passive system is capable of providing 12 complete air changes per hour without using a drop of energy. 
• Two 12’ x 14’ overhead doors are being installed in each building.


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