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Salt and Sand Storage | City of Kimberley

Kimberley, BC, Canada
Industry: Public Works
Application: Salt and Sand Storage
Buildings: 1 - A-Series - 30' wide x 30' long

The City of Kimberley is a small resort city in southeast British Columbia, Canada. It sees an abundance of snow each year so snow removal and road maintenance is integral to the city’s operations. This made it necessary for the city to have a salt/sand storage facility.

When Don Schacher, project coordinator for the City of Kimberley started researching a facility that would be suitable, he found that many other road maintenance companies were using a fabric-covered structure for this application. As per usual, Mr. Schacher sourced several different quotes and as he said, “Norseman Structures’ price was right”.

The City of Kimberley chose a 30’ wide x 30’ long A-Series model with 6’ legs on 4 rows of concrete, pre-cast blocks. The ends were left open for easy access.

The customer was very pleased with the overall process. From choosing the building design to the good communication between Norseman and himself which included a conference call allowing input from all parties. Don was also pleased with the ease of installation - the building went up in 2 days and everything went smoothly.


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