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Warehouse | Great Western Containers

Location: Regina, SK, Canada
Industry: Industrial
Application: Warehouse
Buildings: 1 - T-Series - 60' wide x 50' long

Great Western Containers, of Regina, SK, is a company that provides plastic pails, plastic bottles, and poly drums to customers that are repacking products into containers. Some customers in the manufacturing industry also use the containers for shipping and manufacturing raw products.

Another division of Great Western Containers, Namco Resources, is an agricultural, automotive and heavy equipment lubricant company that provides antifreezes, windshield washer fluids,oils and greases for heavy equipment. 

With their business growing, it became necessary to expand their existing warehousing space. As they explored their options, they became aware of the Norseman Structures buildings and decided to purchase one of their fabric-covered, steel framed buildings. The clearspan design means the full floor space is available, from front to back, and floor to ceiling.  

“The Norseman structure gives us approximately 50’ x 50’ area to use for storage of products in it”, says Kevin Dell. “It allows us approximately 23’ of space up to the roof so we managed to stack our product and because its light product, we stacked it almost to the ceiling. I’ve got about 18’ of product stacked up - so it’s a lot of area to fill.”  

While there is no heat or electricity in this building, the fabric allows natural light to filter through, eliminating the need for artificial lighting during the day and allowing the building to be warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  

Mr. Dell goes on to say, “The lighting is fantastic in here. Everybody seems to work well in it. It’s turned into a great space for our purposes here in Regina. We have had zero concerns with it (Norseman Structures building). I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a structure like this.”


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