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Warehouse | Inland Steel

Location: Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Industry: Industrial
Application: Warehouse
Buildings: 1 - T-Series - 70' wide x 100' long

Inland Steel was founded in 1967 and has been in the metal recycling business in Saskatchewan for 50 years with multiple locations across the province. With facilities in Saskatoon and Regina, they have the capacity to service the entire province.

For businesses that are producing scrap, Inland Steel will deliver bins to their locations tailoring the size of bin and type of services based on the kind of metal being produced including copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, batteries, farm equipment and vehicles. They also offer a 24/7/365 appliance drop off.

“What drove our need for a Norseman structure like this is that we purchased a new non-ferrous baler and now, based on the volume and the growth of our company, we needed a way to process the amount of material that’s coming through our doors”, explains Matt Ditlove, VP of Operations.

“This building was great for us because of the ease of putting it up and we had it operational within six weeks of ordering it. As you can see, the height of this building is very high so we’re able to bring our roll off boxes, our lugger trucks and our gondola trailers in here to dump material. We can even get excavators and small machines in and out without having to worry about the height of the building.”

Buildings from Norseman Structures are easily customized to fit your business needs, just as it was for Inland Steel. Not only did they include high overhead doors for easier equipment access in their building plan, they also added an extra side overhead door so if their main door is full with material coming in, they have another access point for forklifts and bobcats. They also added galvanized cladding to the lower perimeter of the building for added security.


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