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Warehouse | T & E Electric and Controls Ltd.

Swan Hills, AB, Canada
Industry: Industrial
Application: Warehouse
Buildings: 1 - QC-Series - 30' wide x 52' long

Norseman Structures is proud to have supplied and constructed a 30' wide x 52' long QC-Series fabric covered building for storage of electrical components. Jeff Goebel, the President & Owner of T & E Electric and Controls, shared his experience with the installation crew and his impression of the overall process.

"My overall experience with Norseman Structures is very positive, right from the first day I contacted them and was only looking for information. I believe almost two years went by between the first time we spoke and when the building was actually installed. Their patience and willingness to provide supporting documents upon request was much appreciated.

It is obvious that Norseman Structures, as an organization, takes pride in the assurance of customer satisfaction. The whole building was delivered without missing any major pieces, consequently no delay in assembly.

The three gentlemen who installed my building arrived on site and wasted no time in getting set up and on to work. They came from Slave Lake, arrived sooner than they were scheduled to and began work before getting checked into the hotel. I had opportunity to watch them work throughout the project. They worked together very well, their knowledge and experience made their actions and interactions appear very fluid.

They continuously demonstrated their dedication, strong work ethic and professionalism the whole time. I appreciated their attention to detail and efforts to see the complete installation meet, and in some areas, exceed my satisfaction. They ensured a clean and safe work site and I felt they organized the materials in such a way as to minimize wasted time. Each day I opened up my shop to the crew, for use as they required, and they kept it neat and organized as well.

The project coordinator was instrumental in the pre-job planning. Her efforts to assemble the materials, tools and organize accommodations for the field crew may go unnoticed or unrecognized by some. However I can assure you that as a small business owner who is often faced with similar tasks, I know what her contribution to the overall success of the install was. Her attention to the regulatory requirements regarding 'one calls'/locates and her insistence in having the documents in hand, before construction begins, likely go a long way to ensure safe installs, not just for mine.

"In closing I'd just like to reiterate my satisfaction in my dealings with everybody I had contact with at Norseman Structures. The field crew were professional ambassadors for your organization, you were very well represented." ~ Jeff Goebel, President & Owner, T & E Electric and Controls


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