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Cladding Options

Remember the saying, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. That saying is certainly made true when it comes to determining cladding options for your building project.

What surrounds the outside of your building, actually starts with what’s going on under the roof and four walls.

Maybe your project needs to let in as much natural light with fabric cladding to save on long term utility costs.

Perhaps you might need the basic security of a fully metal clad building or a hybrid (a combination of fabric and metal).

The right solution comes from a good understanding of your entire project – something our Building Advisors can help uncover to find your unique ShelterSolution.

Fabric Cladding

Need some light shed on your project? That’s just one of the benefits of a Polyethylene or PVC material when cladding your building. You can also count on the inert properties of fabric to help in corrosive working environments.

Learn More About Our Fabric

While it’s tough enough to lift a truck, more practically, a building clad in fabric can speed up building project timelines, can help reduce the foundation requirements and can more easily be relocated.

Watch A Truck Being Lifted Using Fabric!

Already own a fabric building? Does it need a new cover? We can help.

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Metal Cladding

Whether you’re looking for added project longevity, added building security, or just that traditional building profile, metal cladding might be the right option for your project.

In the right working environment, metal cladding can provide a great long-term building option with maintenance-free peace of mind.


Hybrid (Fabric & Metal)

Sometimes your project needs the best of both worlds – that’s when a hybrid approach can bring together the benefits of both fabric and metal cladding.

Some of our customers’ biggest challenges have been solved using a hybrid cladding system. We like to think our creative ingenuity really starts to shine when we apply this type of imaginative thinking to your unique building project.



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What Matters Most For Your Building Project? Best Choice
Fabric Metal Hybrid
Install Cost      
Corrosion Protection       
Energy Efficiency       
Fire Rating       

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