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Our end goal is to design your building, not ours – so your project begins from the inside out.

We first seek to understand who your building is designed for and what needs to take place within its four walls. By designing to your needs, we can expertly and empathetically create your ShelterSolution – a uniquely delivered building project that provides you with peace of mind.

Once we have a clear picture of what your building must do and how it must perform for you, our professional in-house engineering team begins to design a solution that takes shape on the drafting table – well, 3D computer modelling software to be more precise. Your approved designs are then reviewed by experienced third-party engineers so we can put the rubber stamp on them and move them along into production.

Simply put, we engineer for performance. By understanding what your building must do and how it must perform for you, we engineer from the inside out for your unique operation and superior site performance.

Other engineering services we offer include engineering reviews and building calculation packages. Does this sound like what your project needs?


We are fiercely committed to being a reliable partner, employer and corporate citizen.